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Pesticide-Free Soil Project

Healthy Soil for All!

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We are fundraising to create healthy soil for all!

he Pesticide-Free Soil Project was born out of EFC’s Environmental Justice Learning and Action Project (EJLAP) which focuses on ways young people can learn about environmental justice, not only through focused workshops and research but by participating directly in community events to address social justice issues.

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What’s New with the PFSP?

We are excited to announce the release of our new video

The EFC’s Pesticide-Free Soil Project (PFSP) staff and interns, in collaboration with the Rio School District and participating local organizations, have created a lively video that takes a step-by-step approach to sharing how to organize a compost tea party at your school or in your community. The Compost Tea Party is a collaborative event with the Rio School District and local community organizations that not only takes the first step in moving away from using pesticides on school grounds, but also provides workshops about nature-based climate solutions, addressing both farmworker and family health, soil health, and climate change. The district has earned the California Green School Designation as a direct result of the CTP’s and PFSP’s continuous involvement in climate-resilient policies and programming at the district. Click here to learn more.